Friday’s Top Ten 2.8.13

Happy Friday everyone! I’m pretty tired today and ready for 4:30 to come! I worked at Panera last night and now only have two more days and then I’m officially done! I can’t wait! Mike agreed to go on a Panera hiatus with me after my last day for 6 months or so. While our sales reps were in town my boss had Panera catered for lunch and one of my coworkers was like “I’m so tired of having Panera” and I was like “Really? YOU’RE tired of having Panera?” Lol.

Anyways…here’s what you’ve been waiting for all week:

#10: Baked donut holes

Now that I have a handy dandy cake pop pan I’ve decided I’d like to try these donut holes. The recipe looks super simple and delicious!

#9: 30 Days, 30 Ways Mac -n- Cheese

30 days and 30 ways of Mac -n- cheese, how awesome is that? I love mac and cheese but I haven’t found what I can call ‘the perfect recipe’ yet. I have found a copy cat recipe for Panera’s mac and cheese (I like Panera’s mac and cheese go figure) but haven’t tried it yet. This is definitely worth checking out!

#8: What’s Your Corgi Name?


I found this on Corgi Addict the other day and it’s so cool! My corgi name is Dr. Stumpy Bunnybottom and Mike’s is Lord Squiggy McDrummies. The McDrummies reminds me of “McSteamy” and “McDreamy” from Grey’s Anatomy haha. What’s Your corgi name?

#7: Sparkle Ankle Boots


Did you really think I could go without a shoe in my top ten? Of course not! This week’s shoe is a sparkle ankle boot from Target. I bought a pair of ankle boots about a year ago and ended up returning them but I might give these ones a try. After all my shoe collection is never complete. :)

#6: Corgi Cuteness


My friend posted this picture on my facebook page and it’s now my desktop background, love it!

#5: Gilmore Girls workout

I already posted this workout earlier this week but it’s on my top ten because I think it’s a great way to watch the show instead of just sitting on the couch!

#4: Giada De Laurentis’ Mini Mascarpone Cupcakes


YUM! Enough said. I want to make these cupcakes because I LOVE mascarpone. I think in another life I was Italian because I love ricotta, mascarpone, pasta and talk with my hands.

#3: My Alma Mater- Kent State University

I’m super excited to hear that the President of my alma mater is¬†working with the city to make¬†improvements to the downtown area in Kent, Ohio. They have plans to add a hotel and conference center and I think it will help people see what a great university it is and it makes me excited to go back and visit! The article was in the NY Times!

#2: Black and White Wedding Dress


The new season of Say Yes to the Dress has begun which has peeked my interest in all things weddings. I’m surprised Mike tolerates it but it’s not like I talk about this stuff 24/7. I mostly just pin things to my pinterest board (titled “if I was getting married”) and this is one of my recent pins. On a recent episode they had brides shopping for dresses in blue, red, and just overall different than your typical wedding dress. I found this dress and I love it!

#1: Cozumel, Mexico


This picture is from my cruise in 2009 and I would love to go back sometime soon with Mike. Cozumel was beautiful and I’m dying for a beach vacation! Soon I hope…

Gilmore Girls Workout

Happy Wednesday all! Boy am I excited for the weekend, it seems like light years away but at least we’re halfway through the week! I’m excited to see Mike for most of the weekend (I have to work at 5:30 am on Sunday at Panera, UGH!, but it’s the last time) and we plan to just hang out before the next couple insanely busy weekends.

While happily pinning on pinterest I came across a FRIENDS and Big Bang Theory ab workout. I watch FRIENDS all the time and was super excited to workout while watching the show I love most. But I was sad to see that some of the exercises didn’t apply for the season I was watching, like Ross and Rachel kiss but the season I’m watching is after they were married in Vegas and divorced, so I may have to write another one.

Anyways…someone commented on the Big Bang Theory list asking for the Gilmore Girls and I thought that was a great idea because I have the whole season of that as well! I asked my friend Sarah Beth to give me ten common scenes, she knows the show better than I do, and here’s the workout: