The Black Keys and Cage the Elephant

Hi there!

How was you week and weekend? Mine was great but more on that later, first…

Mike and I went to see the Black Keys and Cage the Elephant Tuesday and the concert was amazing! The Black Keys are one of our favorite bands and when I heard they were coming to Milwaukee I told Mike right away that we had to go. And he agreed. :)

We’ve seen both bands before but not together. We saw Cage the Elephant when they were headliners for the CD 102.5 Holiday Show for the Kids. We had to work the next day and one of the songs I really wanted to hear was ‘Shake Me Down’ which they played as we left the show early to head home. (Doesn’t it always work that way?) I admit that when I heard Cage the Elephant was the opening act I was like ok, sure but not super excited. That changed Tuesday night. Mike and I didn’t realize how many songs we knew! Mike said there was only one song he didn’t know and it was only a couple for me. We’ve definitely underestimated how good Cage the Elephant is and how much we like their music. They certainly exceeded our expectations!!
Cage the Elephant

And then the Black Keys came on. They opened with ‘Dead and Gone’ and the set list went through some songs from the El Camino album as well as a couple from the new Turn Blue album plus songs from their first few albums. The variety of songs was awesome- I really like their new album but it is definitely mellower than the El Camino album, which is the album I know the best. Shortly after 10 pm they said they would play a couple more songs. I was like ‘a couple more?!’ They had already played so many songs! One of my favorite songs was ‘A Girl like You’ which is actually a cover, Edwyn Collins sang it originally. The song was well suited for the Black Keys because if I didn’t know the song and they didn’t say it was a cover I would have thought it was their own. If you listen to the Black Keys and listen to the original version you’ll know exactly what I mean.
The Black Keys 2

For the encore the Black Keys played Little Black Submarine which is one of the songs I love from the El Camino album. I believe it has a nice Led Zeppelin feel to it in the beginning and I love the slow tempo at the start that transitions to a faster tempo for the second half of the song. They also played ‘Lonely Boy’ and the last song they played was without the two additional musicians on the tour, just Dan and Patrick- and it was a great way to finish the concert. They rocked it out which is why I think the Black Keys are one of the greatest bands out there right now.
The Black Keys

Buttered Honey Beer Bread + Weekend Fun

Hi there!

How was your weekend?

Mine was great! Fall temperatures, football, and pumpkin spice lattes were the big contributors to a great weekend. I certainly enjoy spring and summer but I think when you’re a football fan and fall starts, there isn’t much else that tops the feeling of starting a new season.

So I enjoyed my first pumpkin spice latte of fall and I know it won’t be the last! Mike and I went to a park in the downtown Greendale area and had some fun in the playground. We felt like little kids again! But then we realized we weren’t because the chipmunk and turtle was a little too small for us. :)
Mike with Chipmunk
Me with Turtle
Mike with Chipmunk 2

I decided to toss my dying flowers on the patio- I did a really poor job of taking care of them this year- and buy a pot of mums. I normally don’t like the fall flowers but I like having flowers on our patio despite how terrible I am at remembering to water them. When I placed them on the patio I realized what an abundance of yellow we have but that’s ok! It’s a very Pittsburgh themed patio, haha.
Fall Mums

Now that football season has officially started with the regular season games I decided it was time to enjoy one of our favorite breads which is perfect for game days- Honey Buttered Beer Bread. I found this recipe on Brown Eyed Baker’s blog and tried it with one of my favorite beers- Yuengling. Like I mentioned last week, we brought a case home since we can’t buy it in Wisconsin and we miss it dearly. Using a lager like Yuengling in the beer bread makes for really tasty bread and I can’t imagine using a different beer although I know others would work.
Buttered Honey Beer Bread 2

How did you football team fair this weekend? What is your favorite fall treat?

Weekend in Columbus

Hi there!

How was your weekend? Did you enjoy the last few days of summer before we head into fall? My weekend flew by! We did so many things in Columbus and accomplished a lot! We didn’t relax too much and could actually use another vacation but that’s ok!

Here are some of the highlights from our trip:

Pierogies at Gresso’s, the best Steelers bar in Columbus.

A Columbus Clippers game with three of our close friends (only pictured with one here)- the Clippers have actually clenched the IL West Division Championship! They had Jake the Diamond Dog at the game who is a golden retriever and a total ham. He would catch a Frisbee in between innings and give the umpires a basket with water and towels!
Me and Marti Clippers

Clippers Game
Cake tasting at the local Short North Piece of Cake- so much cake and so much deliciousness!


We also went to a couple other favorite places of ours- Tim Horton’s and La Chatelaine French Bistro. Since breakfast is my favorite meal of the day I certainly miss these two restaurants in Wisconsin. I have yet to find a Café Mocha that tastes just as good as the Tim Horton’s one!

For the drive home we bought Yuengling, one of our favorite beers made in Pennsylvania that we miss dearly and makes excellent beer bread.

Friday’s Fab Five

Happy Friday!

I am ready to head to Columbus for the weekend! I miss Mike and I can’t wait to see him and have fun in Columbus!! It’s going to be a blast and probably so much fun we won’t want to come back to Wisconsin. :)

So, have you signed up for the Virtual Pug Race yet? If not, you should! I’m signed up for the 5K and I can’t wait to run and then get my awesome medal! It’s for a good cause and please consider signing up if you haven’t already. :)

Since Mike and I are taking care of some wedding planning while in Columbus I’ve created a wedding themed fab five for you today. Here’s a list of 5 things I like for our wedding:

#5 Cocktail Sign
Mike and I like the idea of having beer, wine, and a signature cocktail and this is a great sign to put on display at the bar.
Cocktail Sign

#4 Cake
I love this Stanley Cup cake although Mike and I don’t plan on having enough guests to feed an army so this cake is out but it’s too cool not to post!
Stanley Cup Cake
#3 DIY Wedding Bouquet
As I’ve realized while planning for our wedding, anytime you put ‘wedding’ in front of something, the price goes up 200%. So a ‘wedding bouquet’ is more expensive than a regular bouquet of flowers which is why I love the idea of making my own wedding bouquet. I know it will take some time and work but I’m not planning for a lot of flowers in my bouquet which will simplify things (a little). I found this great tutorial on how to make your own bouquet.

DIY Wedding Bouquet

A Practical Wedding

#2 Bridal Emergency Kit
I had a dream this week that it was the rehearsal dinner and I realized I didn’t have a toothbrush or toothpaste and when I asked my matron of honor she didn’t have one in the emergency kit. I was like ‘why not?!’ I told my matron of honor about the dream and she said don’t worry, I’ll be sure to have oral hygiene items in the emergency kit. I don’t doubt it, and this one thing I shouldn’t need to worry too much about because she’s one of the most organized people I know and very good at contingency planning. But this kit is a great idea, hence why it’s on the list, you never know what might happen!
Bridal Emergency Kit

#1 Wedding Hairstyle
I really like the hairstyles with all of your hair pulled back into an elegant and intricate bun. I had thought about wearing my hair half up and half down but I like the simplicity of it all back and how you can add some nice detail to the bun. This is one of the many hairstyles I like, it will be tough to decide!
Wedding Hairstyle

Good Reads + Banini Bread

Happy Wednesday!

We’re halfway through the week and I’m counting down the days until my vacation to Columbus! I can’t wait to go back and visit our favorite places throughout Columbus this weekend. It will be busy but a great time.

I’m on my own this week and it’s a kind of a good thing because I have been immersed in two series lately: The Rose Gardner Mystery Series and The Whiskey Rebellion-Addison Holmes Series.  These books are so addicting! I started the Rose Gardner series recently and read books 1 and 2 and started book 3 this week. Then book 4 of the Whiskey Rebellion series came out yesterday! I love both series and highly recommend them.
Rose Gardner Mystery    Whiskey Rebellion

This weekend we had a couple of ripe bananas and fresh zucchini from the farmer’s market. We thought about experimenting with the zucchini but ended up deciding not to and instead made Banini Bread (Banana Zucchini Bread). I was a little hesitant to try this bread at first because I wasn’t sure how a fruit and vegetable would pair in the bread, even though I use applesauce in my zucchini bread. The bread turned out great! It’s nice and moist and has the great zucchini flavor with an added sweetness from the bananas. I used the recipe from Brown Eyed Baker. Next time I would like to try chocolate chip zucchini bread, there’s so many options!