Thai Chicken Fingers & March MATness

Hi there!

How was your weekend! Happy first day of March! I’m hoping for spring weather but in the meantime while the temperatures are still chilly, we’re heating it up in the kitchen and with Pilates!

This weekend we tried a new recipe: Thai Sticky Chicken Fingers from Iowa Girl Eats. The verdict? Spicy and delicious! They aren’t too hot but there is definitely some spice there!

Thai Chicken Fingers

Now for the Pilates! For the month of March it’s #MarchMATness! That means for 31 days we’re honoring Joseph Pilates and featuring one mat exercise per day and tagging it on social media with tags like MarchMATness or MM2015. I love this idea! Who cares about basketball? (Obviously not me) Today’s exercise was the hundred! Here’s mine:


Fish Fry and Caramel Pecan Rolls

Hi there!

What new adventures did you experience this weekend? We had some warm [30 degree] weather on Saturday and I had planned to wash my car but everyone else had the same idea so it’ll have to wait a couple more days. No big deal!

We started our weekend with our own Friday Fish Fry – homemade style. We chose Alton Brown’s recipe and had hoped to use Haddock but our supermarket only had Cod. Also we chose a light beer instead of a dark beer as Alton suggests. The fish turned out great for our first time! The batter really stayed on the fish, I don’t always like it when it comes off the fish too easily.
Cod Fish Fry

Today we started off the morning with some new breakfast, well for me at least. I made hash browns for the first time and they turned out great!
Hash Browns

To make them all I did was grate the potatoes, season with salt, pepper, and garlic powder and then cooked them in a skillet with some butter and canola oil. I was patient and made sure to wait until they were crispy to flip them and cook the second side.

We also had cinnamon rolls with a caramel pecan glaze. I would call these sticky buns like the ones I used to get at Eat -n- Park back in Pittsburgh and they are the kind of ‘cinnamon rolls’ Mike grew up with and loves.

Pecan Rolls

So I started with the recipe for cinnamon rolls from Sally’s Baking Addiction but didn’t make the frosting. I used Pioneer Woman’s caramel sauce and poured it into the bottom of the pan and then sprinkled pecans and placed the rolls on top. After some caramel boiled over in the oven we quickly fixed that and they came out looking and tasting delicious!
Pecan Rolls 2

For lunch we decided to venture outside and to downtown Milwaukee in the frigid cold weather. The Milwaukee River is pretty frozen right now!
Milwaukee River

We ended up at Water Buffalo, one of our favorite restaurants.
Water Buffalo

I love their cheese ravioli but unfortunately after placing my order for a plate the server came back to inform me that they were out. :( So I opted for their Teriyaki salmon which was good and on the house due to the shortage of ravioli!

How was your weekend??

Weekend Fun

Hi there!

How was your weekend? The arctic blast remains in Wisconsin and I’m still dreaming of warm, sunny, and sandy beaches. I need a good pick me up to remind me that this cold weather will soon go away and spring will arrive. Mike and I are definitely experiencing the cabin fever we experienced last year and wind chills in the negative are no help whatsoever!  We did enjoy brunch with some friends today. Some hot chocolate and a bubble bath did lift my spirits a little but I’m wishing for temperatures where I can enjoy a long walk outside!

But on a positive note I finished the square baby blanket I made for a friend, made Delicious and Addicting no bake energy bites, and enjoyed a new recipe from Iowa Girl Eats; Penne with Kale, Sausage, and Butternut Squash!

First let’s start with the blanket. I’ve never made a square blanket before but thought it looked cool so I gave it a try! I think it turned out nicely! The pattern I used was from Red Heart and the yarn was Bernat Baby Sport Yarn.
Baby Square Blanket

I made these no bake energy bites:
No Bake Energy Bites

They are so addicting! They taste just like no bake cookies but without a ton of sugar and butter. It’ll be hard not to eat them all in less than a day!

Last, but not least, we had the penne with sausage, kale, and squash for dinner. The dish takes less than 30 minutes to make and who doesn’t love that? Mike and I had tried kale once before and we hated it. I think we made kale chips in the oven, I’m not entirely sure because I think I purposely tried to forget it. The kale is subtle because of the chicken broth and I’ve never tried squash but you don’t really notice it in the dish. Bonus for eating veggies and not noticing it! (Fist Bump) Will you give this dish a try?
Penne with Kale Squash and Sausage


Homemade Ricotta Gnocchi

Hi there!

How was your weekend? Were you one of the lucky states that had a warm up this weekend? And by warm up I mean temperatures of 50 degrees and above? Because if so, I’m jealous! We did warm up a little this weekend but only to 38 degrees. It’s funny how things become relative when you move to a colder state and your definition of warm changes.

I think next year I need to plan a trip to a warmer climate sometime between January and March. No wonder Wisconsin has so many snow birds!

Our dreary Sunday was perfect for giving homemade gnocchi a try though! Mike and I started watching The Kitchen when it first premiered on the Food Network channel and it’s really blossomed into a great show. The cast seems a lot more comfortable with each other now and every once in awhile Mike and I find a recipe we want to try at home. The good news is our track record is 100%! Iron Chef GZ showed us how to make homemade gnocchi with ricotta cheese instead of potatoes and we were amazed at how easy it looked! We were like we can do that! So we did. And it was just as easy as it looked. The result? Delicious!
Ricotta Gnocchi

Side note: I think Weird Al should do a special foodie parody titled “I did it all for the gnocchi”.

You don’t need to wait for any dough to rise and the gnocchi takes literally like 2 minutes to cook in boiling water. We tag teamed and Mike made the sauce while I made the gnocchi and dinner came together in 30 minutes or less. We made a meat sauce with store bought pasta sauce and cooked italian sausage instead of making our own sauce like GZ did. Add some fresh parmesan and basil and you’re good to go!
Ricotta Gnocchi 2

Will you try homemade gnocchi? Let me know what you think!

[Ricotta Gnocchi by Geoffrey Zakarian]