Wishful Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!

Today is Wishful Wednesday because I’m wishing this stomach virus would go away. Also known as the ‘stomach flu’, it’s the pits, and it’s nicknamed the stomach flu but isn’t actually the flu. I’ve been stuck at home since Friday afternoon and I’m going bonkers!

I’ve hardly had an appetite at all with this thing and I’m growing tired of my bland diet of cheerios and saltines. Last night I felt rambunctious and decided to try some Quaker oatmeal. I only ate half but today I was more successful and ate the entire thing! Small victory!

Next task is to eat a banana! Not having an appetite has certainly made it difficult for us to try new recipes and share with you, I’ve had this virus for 5 days and they say it can last 7-10 days! But we did make some chili this weekend- the fall temperatures made it an appropriate weekend to enjoy some and I did manage to eat some on Saturday after we slowly jogged a 5.5K.
Monster Run Race

After not training as often as we planned, Mike and I ran the 5.5k instead of the quarter marathon we had signed up for. But we still received quarter marathon shirts and medals. :) I don’t know how I managed to run the race but I have definitely felt better when I get up and walk around. We finished in 44:44 and I’ll take it! PS- this run was about 5 minutes from our apartment- Awesome!
Monster Run Swag

Even though I’ve felt like crap, we did get out and walk around our neighborhood a little and enjoy some of the fall colors before all of the leaves fall. This tree reminds me of the one in my mom’s backyard so I had to snap a pic!
Fall Tree

One nice thing to have this week while I’m home resting and channeling my inner super powers to heal me quickly, is the addition of our new coffee table to our living room! I love this table. We found it on Craigslist for $40! We want to put a cool decal design or chalkboard paint on it to make it our own but haven’t decided yet. I can’t believe we went without a coffee table for a whole year!
Coffee Table

Friday’s Favorites

Hi there!

I know Friday is almost over but while it’s still Friday I wanted to share some favorites, favorites from our engagement photo shoot!! Woo! I was so excited when our photographer emailed us saying the photos were ready. We have been Anxiously waiting for two and half weeks! Two and half weeks isn’t that long but we wanted to see them right after we did the session. :)

I’m glad we were able to take engagement photos before the wedding because it certainly gave us experience with a camera being around us and taking A LOT of pictures in an hour. I can only imagine how many photos we’ll take for the wedding!

We chose a cute little town, Cedarburg, where we went for Strawberry Festival the day after Mike proposed and it was a perfect fall day! Remember how I said I was guilty of that list of things white girls do in the fall? Engagement photos in the fall is on the list! :)

Here are my favorites!

Me and Mike

Me and Mike Fall

Me and Mike Bridge

Me and Mike Steelers

Photos were taken by Sarah Jayne Photography.

Brown Butter Banana Cookies

Hi there!

How are you doing? It’s been rainy and dreary in Wisconsin ever since yesterday and will continue through tomorrow. But I think these Brown Butter Banana Cookies from Iowa Girl Eats will cheer up any rainy day blues you might have (because I certainly have them!).

I don’t know about you but sometimes Mike and I will get a bunch of bananas and eat them throughout the week but then there are 2 or 3 sad bananas that we just don’t feel like eating. And then they sit there on the counter and get browner and browner. And then I wonder what can I make with these bananas so they don’t go to waste? I love banana bread and I’ve made banana bread muffins which are delicious, but this weekend I wanted something different. I scoured the internet (IGE’s blog) and found these delicious banana bread cookies made with brown butter and brown butter icing!

I need to work on my browning butter skills (I’m way too impatient) but that didn’t matter when tasting these cookies because I could have ate the entire batch! Give them a try and let me know what you think!
Banana Bread Cookies

Friday’s Fab Five

Hi there! How’s it going? Happy Friday!

Do you have any plans for the weekend? Tonight Mike and I are going to the home opener for Milwaukee’s AHL team, the Admirals, and I’m excited! It’s nice to have hockey back!

The Pens played last night and won 6-4, what a high scoring game! This year I am definitely more excited to see hockey than football. Usually I prefer football over hockey but with all of the penalties the referees are calling right and left, you can’t watch much of the game before a penalty is called. At least you can be more physical in hockey. ;)

Well whatever you have planned for this weekend, I hope you have a fabulous time! I think it’s time for us to decorate our apartment with some Halloween decorations and buy some pumpkins.

Enjoy the Friday’s Fab Five!

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#5 Sweater Weather
It’s sweater weather, especially since we had a frost advisory last night, brr! I love this combination, especially because I own the checkered shirt underneath the sweater from Forever 21. I think I might try this out with a different colored sweater but I love the necklace. Time to go shopping!
Sweater with Statement Necklace

#4 One Giant Monster M&M Cookie [Sally's Baking Addiction]
I found this recipe on Sally’s Baking Addiction for one giant cookie and I definitely want to try it! Sometimes  you just want one big cookie and this sounds perfect!
Giant Monster M&M Cookie
#3 Pilates for Runners [MSN]
I like to run and I like to do Pilates. When I started running longer distances I injured my IT Band which runs from your hip to your knee and which causes me to have knee pain if I increase my mileage too soon or increase my speed too soon. I ended up doing physical therapy but rather than continue to do physical therapy I like to do Pilates at least once a week. Pilates helps your core plus so much more. The MSN article gives you plenty of exercises that will give you great benefits as a runner, check it out!
Pilates for Runners

#2 Feyonce Tank Top [Three Two One]
As I’ve said before the wedding industry is crazy especially with all the things they say you need for your wedding but you may not actually need. Whether it’s because it doesn’t fit with your wedding or you just find the suggestion to be ridiculous. I know some brides (or bridesmaids) like to wear matching shirts when going out for the bachelorette party that say ‘Bride’ or ‘Bridesmaid’. I’m not a huge fan of that idea but I do love this ‘Feyonce’ tank top. I would wear it, call me ridiculous but I’m ok with it. ;)

#1 Quinoa with Corn & Scallions [Just a Taste]
I wanted to try this recipe last night but after Mike and I ran what we thought we would be a short run, 48 minutes later we got home and I was starving. We rummaged through our fridge and pantry and I ended up cooking spicy shrimp with pesto pasta and fresh tomatoes. (Delicious by the way) This weekend I would really like to give this recipe a try. We’ve made a dish with quinoa before and I’d like to make another one featuring it. I think it sounds like a great side dish. What would you pair it with?
Quinoa with Corn and Scallions


Fall Crochet Hats

Hi there!

How’s it going? Recently I’ve been busy making some really cool crochet hats for friends. Yes, I feel like an 80 year old woman saying that but hey, it’s fun and people like my hats.

I’ll be taking a break from hat making tonight because Mike and I are going out to dinner with friends to celebrate our engagement! I’m excited to see everyone and I know it’s going to be a great time. By the way, does anyone still have engagement parties? I know if I was asked to go to an engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette party, AND the wedding it would seem a bit overkill on the gift buying part. But I’m ok with having dinner with everyone in town to celebrate!

Now for the hats. I had a friend contact me for a pumpkin hat for her soon to be son. She sent me a photo of one she liked and I quickly got to work making it! I went out of my comfort zone on this hat incorporating three different stitches. I used a double crochet, single crochet, and a shell-like crochet stitch (pattern here, start at Round 7) where you skip stitches to make the design in the middle of the hat. Then I switched to double and finished with a single crochet stitch. I started the hat using this pattern for baby hats. I used the pattern from the Buckeye hat I made to make the leaves and then for the stem I used a corkscrew pattern. I’m very happy with how the hat turned out and excited to see the newborn photos for the little guy!
Pumpkin Hat

The next hat I made was a candy corn hat. The idea of candy corn hat came up when Mike was explaining to a friend what corn hats are in reference to the Nebraska Huskers and the hats the fans wear at football games. When Mike googled ‘corn hat’ some of the images included candy corn hats and our friend really liked them. He asked me to make one for her as a surprise. I used a Red Heart hat pattern for this one and made a gauge beforehand because I’ve had some hats turn out larger and ended up redoing them. The gauge was really helpful and after adjusting my stitches based on the gauge, the hat fit perfectly. This was the first time I made a poof ball which was a lot of fun too! I love the look of the poof on top.
Candy Corn Hat 2

Candy Corn Hat

The last hat is a Packers themed hat for a friend who is a huge Packers fan. I’ve seen yellow and green yarn at Joann’s that’s really cool because it switches from yellow to green throughout the skein and you don’t have to switch while making a hat, it automatically creates a striping effect. I used the exact same pattern as the one I used for the candy corn hat and with a poof, of course!
Packers Hat 2

Packers Hat

What do you think? Which hat is your favorite? Interested in a hat for yourself or a little one? Check out my shop Rachel’s Yarn Creations on Etsy!